Back From Holiday

| May 5, 2017

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This is the product that started me on the road to Affiliate Marketing

Back from holidays. It has been  a month  yes  30 days  holiday in Trinidad WI. The  wife said  no business on the internet we are having a holiday.

So it was a holiday of a lifetime. But like all holidays it ends.  So it is wake up time  no more  sunshine.  Back to the old routine making money.

Back to normal.  So keep  tuned for more ideas of making money. I have to unpack  see you soon.

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It all started about 15 years ago. I was a power seller on eBay and also a eBay instructor. But when eBay stopped the selling of digital products. My business just fell apart. Like many other, but all was not lost. I had a dream that one day I would be making money again online. Doing what I did not know but I still had my dream. I tried lots of things but nothing worked until I started to take courses on Video Marketing. I was again starting to make money online. That was just over 7 years ago. Then I got interested in Affiliate marketing. Both I use today and still make money. But all changed just over 3 years ago I started to make my own products. I even have products made for me. It is so easy to find products that sell and just. Just enjoy what you are doing . My life is now a mixture of Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing and making my own products or getting products made for me to sell. I hope that you can get some good tips from my blog. It will be all worth it. To your success Robert Bridgen

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