It is just not working for me.

| May 13, 2017

Look I understand. It is just not working for me.  I just got this on a Skype call.  Every thing I do is not working.

No one wants to purchase anything.  No traffic to my website.  I am getting all the problems people are having.

I have been in the same situation.  The first time I tried  affiliate marketing it failed. But I kept trying.

I took  advise from others. I never gave up. Yes the key is knowledge. Understanding what  works for you.

Putting  things into operation and  if you keep trying, keep finding answers to your problems all will work in the end.

So lets try to understand  how others  make it as a affiliate marketer.

1  Most people just email out thousands of emails and hope some one makes a purchase.

2 Others  use paid advertising  but this  was for me very expensive.

3 It was not  until  I pick up a method of direct marketing. All  changed.

Using  forums  I found that answering question  to problem that people had and directing them to the answer was working for me.

3 Facebook   was another  method that worked for me.  Finding  Facebook pages  to the product that I was promoting and directing them to that product.

4 Giving a bonus  was the changing  factor in sales. I was selling the same as everyone else. But when I gave a bonus.

I made more sales.  On top of that  I was able to also give a discount.  Made even more sales.

5 Using  all the above and also  video marketing  and  redirects  even made more sales.  Yes it took time but it worked.

So if you want to make  any money online you have to work.  It will happen  just keep going.   Try other things.

Video marketing is great  Just look at this  video link  below


Working very well for me.   So keep going. Keep trying. It will work for you in the end.



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It all started about 15 years ago. I was a power seller on eBay and also a eBay instructor. But when eBay stopped the selling of digital products. My business just fell apart. Like many other, but all was not lost. I had a dream that one day I would be making money again online. Doing what I did not know but I still had my dream. I tried lots of things but nothing worked until I started to take courses on Video Marketing. I was again starting to make money online. That was just over 7 years ago. Then I got interested in Affiliate marketing. Both I use today and still make money. But all changed just over 3 years ago I started to make my own products. I even have products made for me. It is so easy to find products that sell and just. Just enjoy what you are doing . My life is now a mixture of Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing and making my own products or getting products made for me to sell. I hope that you can get some good tips from my blog. It will be all worth it. To your success Robert Bridgen

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