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| April 2, 2017

Making A Business Online. Or how to make a business online is a question I get all the time.

To make things easy for you. Yes you can do it.  But a lot of people even myself found it hard to get started

So what did I do that  is working for me today.  well  the first thing I decided to do was to stop spending  money.

Yes  I was purchasing every thing I could get my hands on that told me I would be making money with.

But I was never told How That was the secret that was missing.

Yes the first time I went into Affiliate marketing I was never told  what was making money.

When you look into it  to be honest it  is not as hard as people make it out to be.

But I failed not for not trying. I was not given  the How.

After I failed at Affiliate Marketing I got into Video Marketing

 I took a course in how to make videos.  Yes it was expensive but

Not as expensive as keep purchasing products that never worked.

I was hooked I was now making money  Not a lot But  I found out the secret.

To making money online.  Get focused  and keep learning. It worked for me because I was making money.

I got even more work when I purchased a lot of  videos for the offline  market and even today.

I still make videos for  businesses  in may local area.

But I received another email  about Affiliate Marketing.

This changed my life because it told me  what I wanted to know and it delivered.

I was trained by one of the best Affiliate Marketers  in the  world

Michael  Cheney   I am still with him today  years later. A lot of water has gone under the bridge.

Again he has put new  training  that even the complete newbie  can make it online.

No special skills needed  No List   Take a look  So easy to follow

The 3 Steps

1  Have  Great Products  PROVIDED for you


3  GET TRAFFIC   He will teach you

So easy to follow  that  even if you have not sold anything before  No website No list

You can still   Make Money

T o your success

Robert Bridgen

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It all started about 15 years ago. I was a power seller on eBay and also a eBay instructor. But when eBay stopped the selling of digital products. My business just fell apart. Like many other, but all was not lost. I had a dream that one day I would be making money again online. Doing what I did not know but I still had my dream. I tried lots of things but nothing worked until I started to take courses on Video Marketing. I was again starting to make money online. That was just over 7 years ago. Then I got interested in Affiliate marketing. Both I use today and still make money. But all changed just over 3 years ago I started to make my own products. I even have products made for me. It is so easy to find products that sell and just. Just enjoy what you are doing . My life is now a mixture of Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing and making my own products or getting products made for me to sell. I hope that you can get some good tips from my blog. It will be all worth it. To your success Robert Bridgen

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