Things Have Changed The Last 5 Years.

| August 11, 2017

Things Have Changed The Last 5 Years.


How things have changed the last  5 years on the internet.

Affiliate  Marketing and Internet marketing is getting harder and harder to get started in.

The reason being is

Websites have to be more professional.  Not just any old site put up   will work today.

This is why  you are seeing  people spend money just to get the best looking website.

Not only that  the product has to be a lot better then  5 years ago.

Then you could put up a  ebook    10 pages and it will sell.

Not today.  You need    that little bit extra.

Yes  I make my own products   the last one I made  cost well over $800  for a WordPress Plugin.


How things have changed  5 years ago I went out and took some  100 Photos and put them to  a WSO  and in

a couple of days I  made  $400   I would purchase PLR material  put it up as it was and it sold.  Not Today.

Now you need  a professional page.  I am into  Affiliate marketing.   My first  love was  Making Videos  so

Affiliate marketing goes hand in glove with Video Making.  So I make videos and sell other peoples products for

a commission . Yes it works  out very well for me.  I also make  videos for the local businesses. This is a great  market to get in to.

what I have found is that the harder it is to get  established on the internet the easier it is to get more work.

So  what has changed  on Affiliate marketing   You need pages like this to get noticed.

I changed  the site  and my sales went up 15%   YES  in  6 months  it could be different and I will have to change it again

But what worked last year will not work today.


You have to do split testing  to find out  what is selling. A simple change of a picture or  wording can make you more sales.  So I have changed  some websites.  Take a look at the first  9 visits  3 subscribers  conversion rate 33.33%    The  2nd  10 visits 6 subscribers  60% The 3rd  is even better  3 visits  2 subscribers  66.67 %   The next one is 33.% conversion rate  then  the next is 50%   and so on.  Without this  you will be losing sales.  So take your time find out what is selling and look at the website.   You will make sales but to get them  you have to put just a little bit more work to it.

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It all started about 15 years ago. I was a power seller on eBay and also a eBay instructor. But when eBay stopped the selling of digital products. My business just fell apart. Like many other, but all was not lost. I had a dream that one day I would be making money again online. Doing what I did not know but I still had my dream. I tried lots of things but nothing worked until I started to take courses on Video Marketing. I was again starting to make money online. That was just over 7 years ago. Then I got interested in Affiliate marketing. Both I use today and still make money. But all changed just over 3 years ago I started to make my own products. I even have products made for me. It is so easy to find products that sell and just. Just enjoy what you are doing . My life is now a mixture of Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing and making my own products or getting products made for me to sell. I hope that you can get some good tips from my blog. It will be all worth it. To your success Robert Bridgen

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